California Department of Forestry


August 19, 1932:   “A fire lookout station is being built on Two Rock, eight miles west of Willets.  This is a very commanding site and most of the Mendocino coast section can be viewed from this point.  It is only a short distance from the Fairbanks highway and is on the ranch of D.T. Bennitt, who has donated the site to the forestry department.  The telephone line is now being extended to the lookout building.”   (Ukiah Dispatch Democrat)

June 29, 1938:
   “Bert Gibson took his departure for a ranger station near Willets, where he will be employed during the summer months.”   (Ukiah Republican Press)

August 3, 1938:   “During the hot spell last week Bert Gibson, of Old Hopland, fire lookout at the State Department of Forestry’s Two Rock Lookout Station on Attorney D.T. Bennitt’s ranch west of Willets, killed four rattlesnakes in three days.  Mr. Gibson also killed a good-sized rattler a few days previous in the rocks beneath the station.”   (Ukiah Republican Press)

​September 25, 1989:  “Two Rock Lookout recently reopened, with the help of volunteers from the Willits area.
Funding from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection had been lost for the lookout, and Chief Ray Hebrard had expected that it would not be staffed this year.
Community members responded, however, and it now appears that the lookout will be fully operational for the remaining fire season.
Two Rock is among the volunteer lookouts which are all members of the CDF’s Volunteer-In-Prevention Program (VIP).  Volunteers assist CDF with numerous fire prevention duties.  People interested in volunteering can contact….” (Ukiah Daily Journal)

  The Lookout will not be staffed this fire season (1990) due to budget cuts.


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